Acute Healing and Acupuncture – Can Acupuncture Help with Acute Injuries?

acute injury and acupuncture

Here are some photos of patients from my clinic that had acupuncture treatments for acute injuries. A medical acupuncture clinic may not be the first place you stop at after sustaining such an injury but it might be a worthwhile visit after you have had an acute assessment in the urgent care center or ER […]

Beyond Acupuncture Needles — Other Commonly Used Tools in Acupuncture

An assortment of acupuncture tools

Acupuncture treatments typically involve use of needles but there are also several tools you may not recognize that are commonly used in the office. Pictured here (starting from left upper hand side and going clock-wise) is a heat lamp that helps warm up a patient’s feet or other extremities, activating necessary acupuncture points. You can […]

Meridians the Energetic Channels of the Body [How Does Acupuncture Work Series]

I often get asked by many people including friends, family, patients.  How does acupuncture work?  Or does acupuncture really work?  I will be posting periodically on this topic and hopefully can provide you with some more insight on this fascinating topic about this ancient form of healing, from both a traditional and modern point of […]

Does acupuncture help with neuropathy?

What is neuropathy? Neuropathy occurs when part of your nervous system has been damaged or some other miscommunication has occurred between the peripheral and central nervous system.  Dysfunctions can occur at the level of the peripheral nerve, spinal cord, and or the brain.  It can cause a sensation of numbness, tingling, or pain.  It can […]