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An assortment of acupuncture tools

Beyond Acupuncture Needles — Other Commonly Used Tools in Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments typically involve use of needles but there are also several tools you may not recognize that are commonly used in the office.

Pictured here (starting from left upper hand side and going clock-wise) is a heat lamp that helps warm up a patient’s feet or other extremities, activating necessary acupuncture points. You can also stay toasty warm during treatments.

Ear point finders are tools to note lower areas of resistance along the ear, which helps the acupuncturist target an active point to treat. It usually will make a slight buzzing sound that increases in intensity as it gets closer to the right spot. The spot is then treated with a needle or electrical stimulation.

Ear seeds, hand magnets, and press tacks. These may be placed at the end of an acupuncture treatment and provide the patient “homework” to keep the acupuncture treatment going even after they leave the office. Typically they are placed on acupuncture points on the ear or body where the treatment provides the greatest relief.

Acupuncture needles! The work horse of acupuncture. Needles come in different sizes and material. Most are stainless steel and placed in a sterilized package. They are for one-time use and are disposed of after each treatment.

Electrical stimulation machines are used to stimulate a needle continuously. The alligator clips are attached on to the acupuncture needles that have already placed on the body. They are set at a certain level of Hz and intensity. Certain Hz levels will promote the release of natural endorphins of the body. The sensation is similar to a light tapping sensation or a TENS unit.

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