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acute injury and acupuncture

Acute Healing and Acupuncture – Can Acupuncture Help with Acute Injuries?

Here are some photos of patients from my clinic that had acupuncture treatments for acute injuries. A medical acupuncture clinic may not be the first place you stop at after sustaining such an injury but it might be a worthwhile visit after you have had an acute assessment in the urgent care center or ER to rule out non-surgical concerns, serious infection, or fracture.

These patients happen to be coming to see me for other chronic issues but had mentioned they sustained a recent injur

In acupuncture theory the Wei qi is an energetic barrier found at the superficial level of the body. It can be considered a protective shield that helps support the immune system and protect the body from physical injury. Acupuncture treatments can aim at strengthening the Wei Qi to promote more rapid healing.

This treatment is especially good for acute bruises, twists and sprains, blunt trauma injuries, swelling or bruises after a fall and or burns. It can support the healing of the muscles, skin, and pain associated.