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Acupuncture Basics

When talking about acupuncture it is hard to not discuss Qi and the movement of Qi along the meridians of the body. Qi is considered the life force. It is an intangible substance that can be felt as a temperature change, an electrical movement of energy, or visualized as a light emanating through the body. It is found in the substance of the bone, fascia, muscles, tendons, organs, blood, and brain to name a few of the areas Qi energy passes through. The 12 main meridians are considered the thoroughfare by which qi energy runs throughout; traversing the body from head to toe and from chest to hands. Acupuncture points are found along these meridians and needles tend to be placed in these well documented points to relieve pain, discomfort, numbness, and or other emotional issues.

Different styles of acupuncture along with different needling patterns can be helpful for a multitude of health conditions. Acupuncture is practiced widely on its own or in combination with medical care.


Acupuncture Doctor in Grand Rapids.

Dr. Zhiling Trowbridge is trained in several different styles of medical acupuncture. Dr. Trowbridge was a clinical preceptor for the Japanese Structural Acupuncture Course for Physicians at Harvard Medical School, Department of Continuing Education. She has also lectured at local and national conferences, teaching about the use of acupuncture for medical conditions for patients.



Japanese Structural Acupuncture (based off of the Kiiko Matsumoto style) which is a palpation based approach relying on feedback from the patient in regards to release of energetic points related to the body’s meridians.

Needling is done with a finer gauge needle than Traditional Chinese Medicine style. The experience tends to be painless or a slight pinch in nature. The examination initially starts with examination of the “Hara” or abdomen of the patient which helps elicit an understanding of the balance of the meridians that are the foundation for this style of treatment approach. Moxibustion is commonly used in this style of acupuncture.


Auricular or ear acupuncture may be used as an adjunct or as the main acupuncture treatment based on the ailment. It focuses on the use of the ear as a holograph of the body. Points on the ear may help treat specific physical points of the body or if used in combination help with generalized internal or mental health concerns. Auricular acupuncture and it’s direct connection with brain activation is especially helpful for acute on chronic pain, PTSD, generalized anxiety, ADHD, depression, addiction, and cravings to name a few common auricular treatment uses.

French Energetics

French Energetics is a style of acupuncture that utilizes the understanding of a person’s organ/energetic meridians in context with their psychological and physical make-up. It focuses on energetic movements along the meridians using a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) needling approach and commonly includes electrical stimulation. It is especially helpful for hard to treat arthritis, chronic pain, infertility, menstrual disorders, psychological disorders, or joint problems.

Yamamoto New Scalp

(YNSA), is a specialized form of scalp acupuncture developed by Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto, an anesthesiologist and obstetric gynecologist. It is a palpation based acupuncture that uses both neck and abdominal examination to determine scalp point location. It is often utilized to help treat pain and limitations of movement in the setting of post stroke care and chronic neurological disorders.

What our Patients Have to Say.

Theresa O.

I loved the bodywork component that went into the Japanese style of acupuncture that Dr. Trowbridge practices.

Jennifer S.

Dr. Trowbridge is a great balance of integrative medicine, with her MD education and holistic care background and personal lifestyle.

Katie M.

Highly recommend! Very knowledgeable and intuitive in offering acupuncture. Cozy and inviting space.

Michelle M.

After just a few visits my arthritis pain has become manageable. I am very pleased.

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