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Acute Healing and Acupuncture – Can Acupuncture Help with Acute Injuries?

acute injury and acupuncture

Above are photos (photo permission received) of patients at the Uplift Health Clinic (an integrative medicine and acupuncture clinic located in Grand Rapids, MI) who have been treated for acute injuries using acupuncture. A medical acupuncture clinic may not be the first place you stop at after sustaining such a major injury but it might […]

5 Steps to Gut Healing — The 5R Approach – Part 2

5 R approach part 2

5R approach Replace The ‘Replace’ step is reviewing the digestive enzyme needs of the body. The stomach produces certain enzymes (pepsin, hydrochloric acid) to break down food to absorb important nutrients for the body. Hypochlorhydria is when the stomach is not producing enough hydrochloric acid. There are different causes for hypochlorhydria which include infections by […]

What health conditions can benefit from taking fish oil? Part 2

fish oil supplements

There’s so many different studies being done on fish oil that it is sometimes hard to keep up on why to use fish oil, when to use it, and exactly how much.  See Part 1 for details on how to calculate the milligram dosage of a fish oil supplement. Cardiovascular disease The data is mixed […]

What should I know about choosing a fish oil supplement? Part 1

fish oil part 1

Part 1. Fish oil is a popular choice in the supplement aisle.   What does it do and who could benefit from its use?   First, the way the fish oil is prepared is important.  The natural triglyceride form of fish oil is much better absorbed than the ethyl ester formulations.  Quality control is also […]

Plantar Fasciitis and Foot Pain – Can acupuncture help with my foot pain?

Plantar fasciitis, ankle sprain, ankle injury, Achilles heel tendinopathy, peroneal tendinitis are all common types of foot and ankle injuries.  Acupuncture is frequently used as an adjunct to support healing and pain control in these circumstances.  Most often patients will seek an acupuncturist when their foot pain has reached a more chronic or severe level […]

Coming soon!

Putting together the nuts and bolts of a clinic and setting up virtual shop takes some time! I hope some of the content I already have up is helpful for those who are anticipating Uplift Health’s opening. The prospective date to start to see patients will be January 2022. I will start to open up […]

Free 15 minute Consults

Dr. Zhiling Trowbridge is booking free 15-minute consults via telemedicine, time slots are now open. Learn more about how you can improve your chronic health condition, chronic pain, or develop your understanding of integrative medicine and holistic health. We can do a basic review of your health condition and learn more about how complementary and alternative […]

Acupuncture openings now available

Japanese style acupuncture Have you ever been curious whether acupuncture could be helpful for your health condition but aren’t sure if it could be right for you? Dr. Zhiling Trowbridge practices Japanese Style Acupuncture and provides a palpation based acupuncture approach. Acupuncture is based on the theory of meridians or 12 major channels of the […]

New Location

Uplift Health has moved into a new space! Acupuncture will now be upstairs at the Flow Chiropractic office on 4945 Cascade Rd SE, Grand Rapids MI 49546. I will be conducting integrative medicine consults at both the 3501 Lake Eastbrook SE site and at Flow Chiropractic. Our phone number and email contact information is still […]

Acupuncture flash sale!

Hi all! In celebration of spring, Uplift Health is offering 50% off your initial acupuncture treatment. The initial visit is 90 minutes and includes an assessment followed by a treatment. That’s just $75. If you are already a patient you can refer a friend for a 15% discount off your next visit (other discounts and […]