Holistic Health Collective

Forest Bathing and Wellness

Interested in a chance to get back in touch with nature?  Need a break from the day to day bustle?  Want an opportunity to practice mindfulness with a certified forest bathing guide?

What is forest bathing?  It is a practice originally developed in Japan that involves a complete immersion of all 5 senses in a forest setting.  It helps promote peace, mindfulness and has been shown to decrease cortisol levels and improve heart rate variability for the body.

Uplift Health and In Your Element Wellness are teaming up this season to host a community event of a 3hr meditative walk in the woods.    

If you and or a friend may be interested please email me back at zhilingtrowbridge@uplifthealthmd.com for more details!  

We’re hoping to make-up a group of 5 or more people and have the event sometime at the end of May or June.

For a description about Forest Bathing see IYE’s webpage:  https://iyewellness.com/what-is-forest-bathing/