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5 Senses Practice – Incorporate Mindfulness on the Go

Orange and mindfulness

The 5 senses practice is a way to calm anxiety, improve pain control, and improve focus and concentration. We are often aware and actively use our senses of hearing, sight, and touch but the less common senses that also can influence our minds are smell and taste! This practice can be done in combination with […]

Healing Through the 5 Senses: Aromatherapy Basics and a ‘How-to Guide’

Smell and the 5 senses Aromatherapy is a very popular complementary and alternative method of healing that activates the olfactory centers of the brain.  The olfactory “smell” centers have a close connection with the hippocampus and limbic system of the brain and certain smells may help create memories and elicit an emotional response. Essential oils […]